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Or did you mean Australian Catholic University (ACU)?
Or did you mean Abilene Christian University (ACU) in the US?

The Association of Commonwealth Universities was established in 1913. It is the oldest inter-university network in the world, and has over 500 members across the world.

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In 1912, the University of London took the initiative to assemble 53 representatives of universities in London to hold a Congress of Universities of the Empire. They decided they needed a "bureau of information." Its affairs would be handled by a committee representing universities in the UK and abroad. In 1913 the office opened as the Universities Bureau of the British Empire. They incorporated under license of the Board of Trade in 1919 and received a grant of £5000 to operate an office premises, with the understanding that the universities of the Empire would fund its maintenance. In 1948 the name was changed to Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth, and in 1963 it changed to its current name.

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