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The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Akademie múzických umění, AMU) supports its education with Moodle.

The HEI’s main office is in Prague, Czech Republic. It was established in 1945.

AMU has 1505 students and about 1000 staff members and employees (academic year unreferenced).

The academy is university level: students may enrol in bachelor, master, and doctoral study programmes.

AMU has an intranet and a Moodle sub site for which a Czech page gives more Moodle information.

The AMU lists several manuals, offers software, webmail, tips concerning browser Mozilla Firefox, testing tool Hot Potatoes, creating an own web site, and lists under its “main functions of AMU portal” a Community and for study: e-learning and working with skill work.

The web site is at

> Czech Republic

> Programmes

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