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The Amur State University (AmSU) supports traditional education for its students, supported by internet as needed. No distance learning component figures prominently per the university's English-language web site.

Amur State University's main office is in Blagoveshchensk, Amur region, Russia. The university has about 7000 students, studying at 10 departments across 40 different majors.

More than 700 faculty members work at the University, of whom more than 30 are professors and doctors of science. According to its web site, every year the university invites foreign lecturers from China, South Korea, Germany and the USA. There are postgraduate studies offered in 22 specialized fields. AmSU educates doctoral candidates who conduct research in philosophy and the high technologies of material production and processing.

Amur State University has established collaboration with a number of universities worldwide, e.g. Berlin Technical University, Beijing University, and others. It is a member of International University Union (N.E.W.S.) and has direct agreements on collaboration with Yan Byan University (China), Chang Shin College (South Korea), Three Gorges University (China) and other universities of Asia-Pacific Region.

The Amur State University web site is at

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