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Anadolu University (Anadolu Üniversitesi) is the Open University of Turkey and has 1.050.000 Open Education Students (Students in faculties offering distance education such as Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Open Education).

[Anadolu University] offers several e-learning services, including audio books, on-line resources, actual distance learning, ...

Open Education System: Anadolu University has been providing higher education opportunities through distance education since 1982.

e-Learning Services: E-Learning services at the Anadolu University Distance Education System began in 1994.

Note from editor: the following information is copied from their e-Learning Services page.

"The aim of Anadolu University is to make all students possess computers having Internet connection. This will allow Anadolu University to reinforce its prestige as one of the leading institutions in making Turkey an information society."


e-Learning Portal

Students can login into the Open Education e-Learning Portal via [1].

Ten million students have used the e-Learning portal nearly 850 million times between the start of the e-learning portal in May 2005 to March 2007. The e-Exam, e-Practice, e-Book, e-Television, and e-Audio Book services have been used 23 million, 10 million, 3 million, 3 million and 615 thousand times respectively.


The e-Book service began in the 2003-2004 academic year. The Open Education Faculty course books are published in PDF format as units. The e-Book application allows our students to access the books before they receive the books via mail. 224 e-Books including 2877 units have been published in this academic year. Students who do not have PDF readers can easily access the e-Books because Flash Paper technology is used rather than PDF technology.


The e-Television service, which allows students to download the TV programs of the courses in their computers, began in the 2003-2004 academic year. Students can access the course programs that are broadcast on TRT4 at specific times, at any time and any place using the Internet, and they can watch the videos that they have recorded in their computers. Students can access those services using their T.R Numbers. 1196 course programs are published for 163 courses in the e-Television application


The e-Practice Software is an interactive service offered by Anadolu University Distance Education System and developed using the most up-to-date information and communication technologies. This application first began with the development of the practice software of the General Accounting course in 2003.This service allows students to watch the interactive course content in multi-media environment (TV video, audio, text, graphics, animations), solve sample questions, and test their performance. Using this service that combines traditional and new communication environments, students can understand the subjects better and prepare themselves for the examinations.

Practice software, which is also known as, educational software with rich content, offers 954 units for 70 courses in the current academic year. In the 2004-2005 academic year, more than 50 percent of the all courses were designed as Internet-based in some departments of the Distance Education System. For example, 87% of the courses of the Business Administration department are published in the Internet. This ratio is between 83% and 87% in the departments of the Faculty of Economics. The ratio of the Internet-based courses in two-year Open Education programs such as Tourism and Hotel Management, Accounting, Local Administration, Banking and Insurance, Health Institutions Management is between 50% and 78%.

The Internet-based practice software in the Distance Education System is the largest e-learning project of Turkey in terms of the quantity of the content offered. Students who want to login the practice software can use this service using their T.R Identity Numbers without paying any additional fee.


The e-Exam service was designed so that students receiving education through distance education methods can test their performance and see their level before on-site exams. A question bank including 12 thousand questions for 132 courses have been published in the 2006-2007 academic year.

Our students who want to take the e-Exams can use this service using their T.R. Identity Numbers without paying any additional fee.


A service similar to face-to-face academic facilitation service is available on the Internet. The e-facilitation service allows students to ask questions regarding the course content to their academic facilitators. This service is available for 74 courses that have e-practice services in the 2006-2007 academic year.

Students who want to use the e-Facilitation service can use this service using their T.R. Identity Numbers; they do not have to pay any additional fee.


The e-Audio Book application began in 2005. This service is not only available for students with visual disabilities but also for the others who prefer studying by listening rather than reading. The books are vocalized by professional voice artists radiophonically and the content is enriched by voice effects. There are 366 e-audio book programs for 24 courses for the time being.


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