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Corinthian Colleges, Inc (CCi) seeks to offer training courses and degrees that are focussed on the job-oriented needs of nontraditional students in the US. Since 1999, Corinthian has offered online learning opportunities through Everest College (formerly Bryman College) and Everest University (formerly Florida Metropolitan University). Courses for students both on-campus and off are delivered via the eCollege platform.

CCi is one of the largest for-profit, post-secondary education companies in North America, with more than 72,000 students at over 100 campuses in the US and Canada. CCi was founded in 1995 and completed an IPO in 1999; as of June 30, 2007, it had 8,950 employees (including 3,674 faculty members). A publicly traded corporation in the US, it has acquired numerous American colleges and institutes (more than 75 to date) and re-branded them as part of a larger for-profit network.

The CCi Web site is The Everest Online Web site is

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Corinthian Colleges, Inc. presently markets its educational opportunities through two distinct brands, Everest and Wyotech. CCi's Everest campuses offer diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in health care, business, and technology, while WyoTech is dedicated to college-level, career-oriented education in industries such as automotive and plumbing. Only Everest offers courses online.

Other major CCi-held learning companies include CDI (Ontario, Canada) and Titan Schools Inc. (TSI).

eCollege has provided Corinthian with course management software, hosting and support services since 2000. It is worth noting that, in 2006, Corinthian Colleges accounted for approximately 29% of all eCollege revenue, and that eCollege was purchased the following year by Pearson Education.

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