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The Consejo de Educación Superior (Council for Higher Education) in Honduras:


The Council of Higher Education dictates formalized academic standards for higher education with the aim of regulating the development of university education in the country. New universities and branch campuses are required to follow these standards, and institutions are to establish internal evaluation systems and report periodically to regional administrative centers overseen by the Council of Higher Education and UNAH.

Up to this point, accreditation in Honduras has been a task taken on by the relatively new regional accreditation organizations like the Central American System of the Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (SICEVAES), the Association of Private Universities of Central America (AUPRICA), and the Central American System of Research and Postgraduate Study (SICAR). Individual institutions of higher education have taken it upon themselves to submit to the accreditation process in varying degrees ( typically on an institutional basis at private universities and on a departmental level at public) from these various regional accreditation organizations.

The Council of Higher Education has put into motion plans to create the National System of Accreditation of Higher Education in Honduras (SINAESH), an autonomous organization that will be responsible for guaranteeing and certifying the quality of both public and private Honduran tertiary institutions.

Directorate of Higher Education and UNAH

The Dirección de Educación Superior (Spanish) or Directorate of Higher Education is the executive body of the resolutions of the Council for Higher Education and is managed by the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH). The Directorate acts as Secretary's level and its Director is the means of communication and link with higher education institutions. Its organization will be determined in the regulation of the Directorate.


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