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E-learning in Distributed Data Network Laboratory (EdiNet) is funded by the EU Lifelong learning program (Erasmus Virtual Campuses, 134608-LLP-1-2007-1-FI-ERASMUS-EVC). It is expected to last from 1.10.2007 – 30.9.2009.

Project objectives include:

  1. A network of European universities (acquisition of information on good practices; setting up networks of experts of information technology and virtual pedagogy)
  2. A semi-virtual campus (to offer better opportunities and an authentic, life-long learning environment for students, teachers, researchers and other experts in the field of data network technology)
  3. A framework for Global e-learning and e-research environment (created and implemented e-learning modules that promote curriculum development)
  4. Strengthening teachers’ competences in virtual pedagogy

The EdiNet web site is at http://www.svc-edinet.eu

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