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The e-Learning Technology Centre at Kaunas University of Technology (in Lithuanian: E. mokymosi technologijų centras, EMTC was established after reorganization of Distance Education Centre, which has originated in 1996 (and was established in the framework of the Phare project „Multi-Country Co-Operation in Distance Education").

The mission of the Centre is to promote and develop higher and continuing education system by supporting e learning technologies.

Main goals are:

  • to develop teachers/tutors and students support system by implementing e-learning methods and tools, as well as by developing and delivering e-learning modules;
  • to support and improve e-learning technologies in studies process;
  • to participate in research and development of e-learning technologies, to develop and disseminate learning methods and technologies supported by information communication technologies, to analyse new technological solutions and to provide recommendations for implementation of these solutions in study process.

Main activities are:

  • to support e-studies process in University (broadcasting of video lectures, development, support and administration of virtual learning environments);
  • to develop competence of teachers and researchers (to develop learning methodology and tools, to organize learning process);
  • research of e-learning area (analysis of needs, methodologies, technologies and etc.);
  • quality assurance of e-studies;
  • to support and maintain hardware and software used for e-learning process
  • to disseminate information about University activities (to develop websites for other University departments and to create disseminations tools, to organize conferences, seminars, to represent University in national and translational conferences and seminars);
  • to provide full technological services for University events (to organize video conferences, to broadcast live events online, to develop websites and to create other disseminations tools, video and photo shooting);
  • to provide with technical and human recourses to other University’s departments while organizing continuing education courses and seminars;
  • to organize continuing education for adults and extracurricular activities for schoolchildren;
  • to cooperate with industry and business sector, formal and non formal educational institutions, governmental and non governmental organizations;
  • to initiate and cooperate in national and international project.

The e-Learning Technology Centre at Kaunas University of Technology web site is at http://emtc.ktu.lt/

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