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The European University Quality Management Tools for Lifelong Learning (UNI-QM) was selected in 2007, and funded from 1 October 2007 until 30 September 2009 by the European Commission - DG Education & Culture under the Lifelong Learning programme.

The UNI-QM web site is at


Following the road started by previous European projects dealing with quality management, the UNI‐QM project was set up to provide a comprehensive model and set of tools for quality management in lifelong learning organisations and continuing education. These management tools are based on the EFQM model, but applied in the field of Lifelong Learning thus respecting its characteristics and needs.

Expected outcomes

Expected outputs include a questionnaire for self‐assessment, a matrix for self‐assessment, a matrix for external evaluation and the UNI‐QM framework for quality management. An electronic version of those tools is also foreseen. The project also provides specific case studies on different topics: leadership, partnership and resources, policy and strategy, process management and human resources, these case studies coming from top leading institutions in Europe.


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