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The Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis (FUSL) supports e-learning through its Intranet and its course platform iFUSL.

FUSL has developed a specialization in teaching most aspects of the Human Sciences including Management Engineering, Economic and Management Science, Political, Social and Anthropological Science, Information and Communication as well as more traditional degrees such as Law, History, Philosophy, Germanic languages, French and Romance Language and Literature.

The institution’s main office is in Brussels, Belgium. Other campuses are also located in the Belgian capital.

The Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis has about 2300 students today.

Students have the possibility to go to the FUSL Intranet, where they can find the valves that play official communications and general (class schedule, exam timetable, method of registration for examinations, classroom changes ,...). They can also access iFUSL, which is a platform that includes the course sites run by some of the lecturers. It should be noted that not all courses have a website, and they are not all alike, as it is dependent on the teacher. This platform is based on the LMS Claroline. Students can also access their own Webmail

Furthermore, there are multiple student organisations, which are gathered on the page http://www.fusl.ac.be/fr/39.html.

The FUSL web site is at http://www.fusl.ac.be

The Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis is associated in the assocation Académie universitaire Louvain.

> Académie universitaire Louvain

> Belgium

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