Gymnasiet i Petalax

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Gymnasiet i Petalax

Gymnasiet i Petalax is a Swedish speaking upper secondary school situated in Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Gymnasiet i Petalax offers distance learning opportunities to its students, mainly via real-time videoconferences. Most of distance learning opportunities are based on co-operation with other schools, institutions and networks. For example the following distance learning solutions have been taken:

  • co-operation with Scandinavian school of Brussels: student exchange and distance learning in advanced level of mathematics
  • co-operation with Åbo Akademi University: distance learning in university level ICT courses for upper secondary school students
  • Gymnasiet i Petalax also co-operates with several other Swedish speaking upper secondary schools in Finland, like Kyrkslätt, Helsinge gymnasium in Vantaa, Pargas och Åland gymnasium in Mariehamn
  • Gymnasiet has also arranged distance learning and participated in distance learning projects with two networks, Vi 7 and Team Nord.

Most of the links above are available in Swedish.

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