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Sør-Trøndelag University College (Norwegian:Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag, HiST) is a university college located in Trondheim in Norway. The institution offers higher education within the areas of nursing, teaching, economics, food science, engineering and information technology.

The university college has seven campuses throughout the city. It was created in 1994 as a merger between a number of independent colleges in the city.

Its web site in English is at http://www.hist.no/english/ There is also a minimal Wikipedia site at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C3%B8r-Tr%C3%B8ndelag_University_College


More details

Sør-Trøndelag has seven Faculties, essentially one per campus:

  1. Faculty of Health Education and Social Work, located at Leangen
  2. Faculty of Nursing, located at Leangen
  3. Faculty of Informatics and e-Learning, located at Kalvskinnet
  4. Faculty of Teacher Education and Deaf Studies, located at Rotvoll
  5. Faculty of Technology, located at Kalvskinnet
  6. Faculty of Food Science and Medical Technology, located at Tunga and Øya
  7. Trondheim Business School, located at Moholt


This is a case study in the Megatrends report (see Reports)

Its VLE is called it's learning.

It is a member of the Norwegian Networked University - see http://www.nvu.no/dokumenter/eng_members.pdf

Trondheim Business School

Trondheim Business School (Norwegian: Trondheim Økonomiske Høgskole) is a faculty of Sør-Trøndelag University College in Trondheim, Norway that provides economics and business management education. The school was founded in 1967 as an independent university college, but in 1994 it and seven other university colleges in Trondheim merged to form HiST. From the merger until 2003 the school was called Sør-Trøndelag University College, Faculty of Economics and Administration. The school is located at Moholt, independent of the rest of HiST.

The school has about 900 students, including 100 postgraduate and a few doctoral students. The school only offers one bachelor degree, in business administration, but with possibilities to specialise in finance, accounting, marketing, management, sport management and audition. There is also possibility to get a Master of Science in Business Administration with specialisation in finance, management or marketing.


This institution/programme was discussed as a case study in the Megatrends project in its second report, Megaproviders of e-learning in Europe (PDF - 212 pages - EN), 2007 (ISBN 978 82 562 88184).

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