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Study & learn homeopathy with:

  • Flexible Training & study Options
  • Quality Government Approved Courses
  • Expert, Experienced Tutors
  • Integrated Multimedia Format
  • Virtual Classroom

All Courses are designed to meet New Zealand industry standards. They are nationally approved and NZQA accredited with degree pathway options.

Stimulating lectures are provided by highly experienced, expert tutors to provide a quality homeopathic education.

Use of varied and interactive teaching techniques are used to enhance presentations and teaching:

  • Powerpoint and video
  • Videos of homeopathic consultations
  • Clinical training websites

All lectures are recorded live and are available in vcr format giving students a range of flexible learning choices:

  • Study from the comfort of home
  • Study at your own pace
  • Easy transition between the attending and flexible learning programmes
  • Never miss a lecture

Distance students have clear access to and interaction with the College through nominated staff and each student is assigned a personal tutor to assist them with all academic queries related to the course. Along with this:

  • Free attendance at College lectures of their current course
  • Newsletters and information updates
  • Seminar Information and student discounts
  • Homeopathic supplies at College discounts

Encouragement and instruction in the use of internet communication tools to facilitate learning through interactive contact and tutorials with tutors. Each course unit comes with its own set of handouts along with a structured course of homestudy and assignments.

Foundation Course (Units 1-10 - 1 to 2 years) Study the basic concepts of homeopathy and medical science. Learn to treat family and friends safely and effectively in first aid and acute situations.

National Diploma Homeopathy (New Zealand) (Units 11-40 - 3 to 5 years) Study all aspects of homeopathy in depth. Graduate as a qualified homeopathic practitioner. Qualify for advanced training with either of the Colleges' degree pathways.


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