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The Jutland University College (ProfessionshĂžjskolen University College Vest, UCJ) supports blended learning with LMS support (Skolekom).

The university's main office is in Esbjerg, Denmark. UCJ has about 3000 students and 300 academic staff.

UCJ is part in VIA University College - a major regional university college of professional bachelor education in Mid-Jutland. VIA University College is a collaborative venture between the Mid-West Centre for Higher Education, the Vita Centre for Higher Education, University College Vitus Bering Denmark, the Alpha Centre for Higher Education and UCJ.

UCJ forms a part of four national knowledge centres including the National Knowledge Centre for e-Learning. Source: Brochure in English

The Knowledge Center of e-learning is rooted in @ Ventures, the founder of e-learning at Aarhus KĂžbmandsskole. The center is a collaboration between several vocational academies, CDE vita, CDE Copenhagen and JCVU.

JCVU has its own local coordinator for this Center: Lars Kjeldsen Peter Beck, head of Knowledge for IT, media and learning.

Jutland University College uses an intranet from before the merger.

The web site is at http://www.ucvest.dk

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