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The Norwegian Association for Distance Education (NADE) is a national membership organisation for institutions involved in distance education in Norway. The organisation was established in 1968, and has since then played an active role in the development of distance education in Norway.

The members of the organisation are independent distance education institutions, public universities and colleges, private institutions and training centres for business and industry.

NADE is a consultative and co-operating body for the Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs in matters concerning distance education.

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NADE's objectives are to spread knowledge about distance education, to heighten its professional and pedagogical standards and to strengthen the position of distance education within the Norwegian educational system.

The organisation aims to develop distance teaching methods and to support research and development of methods and techniques in the field of distance education.

NADE supports a continuous development of a high professional and ethical standard in the field of distance education. The organisation functions as its members' common body toward the authorities and works for the interest and the conditions of its members and their students.

International contacts

NADE is member of several international organisations: European Distance Education Network (EDEN), European Association for Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) - but it is not in the current EADTU list of members, European Federation for Open and Distance Learning (E.F.ODL), International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE).

NADE is active in several EU- and Nordic education projects and networks.

NADE is represented in the National Committees of the EU programmes Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates and in the sub-committee for continuing vocational training of the Leonardo da Vinci programme.

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