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NextEd ( was founded in 1998 as a multinational provider of web-based hosting and delivery services for the "education marketplace." The private Hong Kong-based company sought to partner with educational service providers based mainly in North America, the UK and Australia, to develop and market web-based courses to students worldwide.

The vision and goals of NextEd are:

  • Virtual: The objectives here focus on the virtual space and supporting technologies that are employed to deliver NextEd learning. The overarching objective is to ensure that appropriate, generationally-aligned technologies are employed to support and deliver the learning material to the students. This technology is not bound to computers and may include mobile devices or any other technology that becomes appropriate by virtue of its assimilation by the learners.
  • Collaborative: The objective of NextEd is to employ technologies that foster and enhance collaborative learning. Web 2.0 is the guiding value for all technologies and approaches adopted within the NextEd projects.
  • Educational: A key objective is to embrace social constructivism, and other collaborative-style in the delivery of learning material.
  • Network: The final objective relates to the connection of individuals within NextEd. Ultimately the goal is to facilitate a collaborative network for not only institutions but individuals to connect and grow. Further to this is the objective of empowering participants to propagate their learning through to their networks, thus resulting in a viral growth in the learning and benefits.

As of April 2000, NextEd boasted agreements with 12 universities in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Over 2,600 students from 21 countries were enrolled in 200 courses "hosted" by NextEd. NextEd's target market was Asian higher education. Investors in the company included Fidelity Ventures, GE Equity, and Whitney & Co.

NextEd had local offices in the US, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia, and eventually held partnerships with 25 higher education institutions and commercial training providers worldwide.

NextEd have formed an strategic licensing agreement with Blackboard Inc, an online education company that provides a platform for teaching and learning over the Internet. The agreement lays the foundation for the first global delivery network for accredited online higher education.

The NextEd web site, formerly at, is now defunct.

The last project that they are investing is NexEd-Africa, It began in January 2009, and it will finish in March 2011. For more information of this project.

More details

NextEd was founded by Terry Hilsberg, CEO, and Carl Loo, Chairman.

NextEd was a founding member of Global University Alliance (GUA).

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