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Niki Davis is Director of the e-Learning Lab in the University of Canterbury where she is also Professor of e-Learning.

She is Professor of e-Learning in the School of Literacies and Arts in Education, College of Education. She leads the University of Canterbury's contribution to the OER University. Niki is a member of her university's Learning & Teaching Committee. She has been recognised by several awards including the Oustanding Global Educator award from the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) and an award from the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP). 

Niki has pioneered an ecological perspective on change with digital technologies in education, which she speaks about in a CORE Education Ed Talk here:

Niki co-coordinates a postgraduate programme in the area of digital technologies and e-learning and those courses are also part of the M.Ed. and will form the early She contributes to undergraduate programmes.

Niki provides expertise nationwide as a member of the national education panel for the 2012  research assessment exercise, a member of the Ministry of Education's national governance board for UFBiS/N4L, a member of council of the VLN Community, and as President of DEANZ.

Research interests

Since her arrival in New Zealand in 2008 Professor Davis has led research in e-learning, including:

  • Virtual schooling/e-campus developments with practitioners and the VLN
  • Teacher education enhanced with e-learning, organisational development and cultural sensitivity
  • e-Learning for adults with needs in literacy and numeracy for the New Zealand Ministry of Education
  • Futures and change in tertiary education and schooling
  • Online formative assessment

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