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The mission of The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) is to conduct state-of-the-art research, disseminate best practices, emerging trends, policy frameworks and assessment and quality assurance information; and develop strategic partnerships with public and private universities and organisations for the effective delivery of borderless higher education academic programmes and services. The Observatory's primary purpose is to provide strategic information to enable policy-makers and institutional-organisational leaders to make informed decisions relevant to their existing and/or future transnational higher education initiatives.

Its web site is at http://www.obhe.ac.uk

The Observatory's mission is accomplished through extensive collaboration with stakeholders including global higher education, government and private sector organisations. The Observatory is committed to bringing together emerging research in transnational higher education through conferences, scholarly networks and the publication of reports.



See OBHE benchmarking

Vision 2010

The Observatory is positioned to become the leading source of strategic information on transnational higher education. To fulfil this vision, The Observatory will:

  • Engage international scholars in collaborative research on current and emerging issues in transnational higher education;
  • Offer best practice guidelines on specific areas of transnational higher education for Observatory partners and stakeholders;
  • Convene institutes, colloquia and conferences that provide a forum to exchange ideas and strategies;
  • Monitor developments in quality assurance mechanisms at the international, national and institutional levels, particularly as they apply to international branch campuses and transnational and dual-degree higher education programmes; and
  • Provide a highly specialised consultancy service to institutions and organisations engaged in or planning to initiate transnational initiatives


The Observatory has over 170 organisational subscribers representing 50 countries worldwide engaged in various aspects of transnational higher education and international co-operation.

Organisations other than universities

The Observatory partners with national and international organisations including the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Universities UK (UUK), UNESCO, the World Bank, the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), the European Distance Educational Network (EDEN), the UK's Leadership Foundation and the Western Co-operative for Educational Telecommunications (WCET).

Universities outside the UK

For a university outside the UK to join OBHE it must have a strong interest in transnational education, even if not distance learning or e-learning. This makes the list a likely place to look for prospects for case studies.

Antigua and Barbuda

  1. Antigua State College


  1. Bond University
  2. Curtin University of Technology
  3. Deakin University
  4. Edith Cowan University
  5. Flinders University
  6. James Cook University
  7. Macquarie University
  8. Monash University
  9. Open Universities Australia
  10. RMIT University
  11. Southern Cross University
  12. Swinburne University of Technology
  13. The University of Queensland
  14. University of Canberra
  15. University of Melbourne
  16. University of New England
  17. University of Newcastle
  18. University of South Australia
  19. University of Technology, Sydney
  20. University of Western Australia
  21. Victoria University


  1. The College of the Bahamas


  1. Distance Education Centre, University of the West Indies


  1. Academic Co-operation Association (ACA)
  2. EuroPACE ivzw


  1. University of Belize


  1. Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (BOCODOL)
  2. University of Botswana


  1. Association of Universities & Colleges Canada
  2. Athabasca University
  3. College of the North Atlantic
  4. Commonwealth of Learning
  5. University of Alberta
  6. University of Ontario Institute of Technology


  1. Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia (UNAD)


  1. University of Cyprus


  1. The University of the South Pacific


  1. International Association of Universities (IAU)


  1. DAAD


  1. Ministry of Education

Hong Kong SAR

  1. University of Hong Kong


  1. Amity University
  2. Jamia Millia Islamia


  1. Irish Universities Association
  2. National University of Ireland, Galway


  1. University of Catania


  1. Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture


  1. National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation, Daigaku Hyoka Gakuijuyo
  2. NIME (National Institute of Multimedia Education)


  1. National University of Lesotho


  1. Malaysian Qualifications Agency
  2. Open University Malaysia
  3. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  4. Universiti Sains Malaysia


  1. Maldives College of Higher Education


  1. Ministry of Education and Human Resources


  1. University of Namibia

New Zealand

  1. Education New Zealand
  2. Ministry of Education, International Division
  3. New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  4. New Zealand Vice-Chancellors' Committee
  5. University of Canterbury
  6. University of Otago


  1. Middle East College of Information Technology


  1. National University of Sciences & Technology

Papua New Guinea

  1. University of Papua New Guinea


  1. National University of Samoa


  1. Ministry of Education and Youth


  1. Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)
  1. Nanyang Technological University
  2. National University of Singapore

South Africa

  1. North-West University
  2. University of Pretoria
  3. University of South Africa
  4. University of the Free State
  5. University of the Western Cape


  1. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Saint Kitts

  1. Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  1. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College


  1. University of Swaziland

The Gambia

  1. Department of State for Education

The Netherlands

  1. Nuffic


  1. Ministry of Education

Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Ministry of Science, Technology & Tertiary Education


  1. Istanbul Bilgi University


  1. Ministry of Education and Sports

United Arab Emirates

  1. KHDA - Government of Dubai


  1. American Council on Education
  2. Ashford University
  3. Boston College
  4. East-West Center
  5. Excelsior College
  6. Laureate Education, Inc.
  7. Nova Southeastern University
  9. Stanford University
  10. The Yale-China Association
  11. University of Kentucky
  12. University of Pennsylvania
  13. University of Phoenix Online
  14. University of Southern California
  15. University of Texas System - UT TeleCampus
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