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The Open High School Turkey (OHS Turkey) supports e-learning interactive distance education by making use of a three dimensional approach to learning materials. It makes use of the following:

  • Printed educational materials
  • Education through the media
  • Face-to-face teaching

These three different approaches to teaching materials make use of the following technologies: printed materials, radio and audio cassettes, telephone and fax, audio conferences, video conferencing, computer, Internet and web conferencing.

The Open High School's main office is situated in Ankara, Turkey. It has other campuses in different parts of the country.

It was established in 1992 within the department of Film, Radio and Television Training. Its mission is to promote equal opportunities for education for all, making use or cutting edge information and communication technology. It also saw as its mission to bridge the gap between the knowledge of technologies used at school and those used in the professional and industrial environment.

It combines technology from scientific and technological development with face-to-face training activities to offer a truly holistic education to thousands of students all over the country and beyond. Face-to-face training schedule varies each term but is compulsory. Students can enroll for the face-to-face training in their area when the schedule is available online, to attend face-to-face training in training centers, schools and institutions, primarily public education.

It also offers learning opportunities to Turkish citizens living in Middle Eastern countries. The training period today takes 8 terms or 4 years for the issuing of a diploma even though in 1992 when it started, it only took 2.5 years. It was from the Open High School that the Open Vocational High School was borne.

More information about Open High School can be found via the following link:

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