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The Open Vocational High School supports distance e-learning vocational education through the use of teaching materials and media used in three dimensions:

  • The use of printed educational materials
  • Education through media
  • Education by face-to-face lessons and these dimensions are exercised using the following;
  • Printed materials
  • Radio and audio cassettes
  • Telephone and fax
  • Audio conferences
  • Video conferences
  • TV and Computer
  • Internet and web conferencing

The school's main office is in Ankara, Turkey. Its website is


Adapting vocational education training system in the information age.


Integrating cutting age and appropriate information and communication technology in vocational education system. The information society should not be left out of the age of compulsory of compulsory education.

Open Vocational High School was established in 2006 from Open High school which was already operational since 1992. Beginning in 2006 the educational training within the General Directorate of Educational Technologies which was formal and non-virtual opened way for the Open e-Vocational High School Outdoor Education program which accepted distance education technology. It has been using the premises of Open Education High School since 02 February 2006.

Scientific and technological developments, face to face training and internship work combined with constant feedbacks make Open Vocational High School very competitive educationally and vacational secondary programmes are also available alongside vocational high school outdoor programs.

The program content is the same as the program content in forml vocational non-virtual schools. However, the structure and model offers a unique opportunity for an initiation of a life-long vocational learning experience that is grounded on technology.

Since 2006, all High school programs follow the credit eduction system and last 8 terms or 4 years. Students can register online.

Courses Offered

Some course areas of Professional Open Education High School such as Information Communication Technology no longer exist as a foundational core course but rather as an elective which is given through distance education. The reason is that all the other course areas make use of interactive e-learning materials making ICT incorporated into each and every course. Other main course areas for professional specialisation include the following: Wood Technology Deparment, Information Technology Department, Office Management and Secretarial Department, Child Development and Training Department, Shipping Department, Handicraft Technology Department, Food Technology Department, Clothing Production Technology Department, Electrical-Electronic Technology Department, Graphic and Photo Department, Department of Beauty and Health Care Services, Elderly Patients Services Department, Construction Technology Department, Chemical Technology Department, Accommodation and Travel Services Department, Jewelry Technology Department, Machine Technology Department, Printing Department, Metal Technology Department, Metallurgy Department, Technology Feild of Motor Vehicles, Department of Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Retail Department, Department of Art and Design, Textile Technology Department, Department of Technology and Air Conditioning Installation, Food and Beverage Services Department, Map-Land-Survey Department, Horticulture Department, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Entertainment Department, and Religious Vocational Department.

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