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The PHL University College (Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg, PHL) supports e-learning through its LMS Blackboard, its Electronic Portfolio.

Its mission is that "PHL will keep its students-centred "Culture of Quality" vital by continuously developing all individuals in the university college community, by accomodating and celebrating diverse learners and ways of learning, and by pusuing quality in all we do. All elements of the university college will function seamlessly and purposefully to ensure a measurable better living, learning and work experience.

The institution’s main office is in Hasselt, Belgium. Its 4 campuses are located in this city and Diepenbeek.

PHL University College enrolls about 4200 students and employs about 600 staff members.

It supports its students and staff through its LMS Blackboard and also offers students the Electronic Portfolio or E-portfolio (EPOS). The PHL students have the opportunity to access multiple databases as well, as listed on the Library > Databases page (Dutch). Some information for system owners of the E-portfolio can be downloaded in [ Dutch in PDF format].

The PHL University College web site is at

The PHL is a member of the association Associatie Universiteit-Hogescholen Limburg.

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