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Primavera Online High School (in the US state of Arizona) is a full-time online multi-district charter school, founded in 2001. It is a tuition-free, public high school serving students residing in the state. It also offers courses for younger students through its middle school, an extension of the high school as of Autumn 2011. Courses are aimed at students, who enrol directly and study from home. Diplomas are awarded by Primavera.

There were 11,223 Primavera students enrolled in 2009-10, most of whom were full-time online learners.

Primavera is the largest high school in the state of Arizona.

Primavera's mission is to "provide a rigorous, relevant, and personalized education in a highly interactive virtual environment"... targeting students "who are looking for an alternative, internet-based approach to traditional school."

The Primavera Online High School web site is at

More Details

The school was originally called the Primavera Technical Learning Center. High school students must commence studies between the ages of 14 and 21.


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