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The Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) supports e-learning through its LMS WebCT, called Université Virtuelle

Founded on the principle of free-thinking analysis which advocates independent reasoning and the rejection of dogma in all its forms, the ULB has remained true to its original ideals – an institution free from any form of control which is committed to defending democratic humanist values, an approach it also extends to the way that it is run.

The ULB straightforwardly mentions that "as a private university, which is recognised and subsidised by the Belgian authorities, the ULB receives government funding today to the tune of 60% of its overall budget."

Source: http://www.ulb.ac.be/docs/ulb-prestige/ulb-brefuk.html

The institution’s main office is in Brussels, Belgium.

Approximately 21,026 students are enrolled in the ULB (Belgian, EU and non-EU students). It employs about 3,478 Full Time Equivalents which is around 5,000 people (apart from the Erasmus Hospital).

This HEI has its own center for educational technology services called Centre des technologies au service de l'enseignement which is responsible for the LMS which is WebCT and is called Université Virtuelle, which can be found at http://uv.ulb.ac.be. About the UV: “Since 1998, the Virtual University of the ULB supports both the classic teaching with attendance and the open and distance learning. Based on the WebCT software, our virtual campus allows each teacher to easily place online: course notes, exercises, various resources (bibliographies, lectures ,...), practical information (calendar, announcements), etc.., Or to enable the students the tools of communication and collaboration (email, discussion forums, etc.)..”

The HEI web site is at http://www.ulb.ac.be

The ULB is gathered in association Académie universitaire Wallonie-Bruxelles and the pôle universitaire européen de Bruxelles Wallonie / Brussels Wallonia European University Centre.

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